Halverson Ron

Ron Halverson


Halverson was an active member of the Amalgamated Union of Engineers (AEU) and a long-term Communist Party activist.


The President of Hatfield & Welwyn Garden district committee of the AEU from the 1950s, he was active in the campaign against the 1960 Rent Act and the campaign at Rodney Court at Hatfield. This rent struggle included the experience of a Mr Beck barricading himself into his flat, with the support of all other residents, who displayed posters in their windows stating this fact.


Councillor J O'Farrell, the Secretary of the Constituency Labour Party commented that "Ron  Halverson and myself, Communist and Labour Party members respectively, have through our united efforts in a common cause such as this, proved that unity of action and of thought has worked tremendously to the benefit of all people concerned in this campaign”.

Halverson became a member of the Executive of the Communist Party and its Chair for a period in the early 1980s.



                                                     Michael Walker

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