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Ernie Warmington


Ernest Ezra Templar Warmington of 94 Westbrook Road was a Communist Party activist from Heston, West Middlesex. During the 1940s, he was a builder and stood as a Communist candidate for Heston at the 1945 Council elections, securing a respectable 658 votes – Labour won one seat.


Ernest Warmington wrote on behalf of the Communist Party to the local Labour Party on October 23rd 1945 about the failure to reach agreement between the two parties:


“We deplore the attitude of the Labour Party in refusing to meet the Communist Party with regard to an agreement during this election in order to avoid any splitting of the vote.

At the same time we decided to withdraw our candidates in the other wards to allow the Labour Party to attain their majority on the Council, which we know is absolutely essential.

We contest Heston because it is a ward less likely to damage the vote than any other, as no Labour Party councillors are retiring.

It is essential that the Communist Party have representation in local government owing to the growing section of the public which now support it, the vast number of problems, housing, etc, which must be attacked and for which we have a policy.

We ask the electorate to give one vote to the Communist Party, and the other to Labour, as we stand one candidate only and they have two votes. This has been our policy throughout the campaign and it will continue to be so. We are confident that no other statement of fact has been made by our representatives for which we have ample evidence.


Warmington – along with Seargeant Jim Allen of Heston – was undoubtedly involved in producing the Hounslow Communist Party Plan of 1945, which set out the Party’s peace time plan for Hounslow. These booklets were available from the Communist Party at 11a Devonshire House, School Road, Hounslow.

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