Bridges George Senior


 George Bridges Senior

An engineering worker,  Bridges was a member of the AEU. (Not to be confused with his son and namesake, who was London District Secretary of the YCL in the 1960s.)


Bridges Senior was secretary of Wembley Communist Party in the 1940s and a member of the London District Committee of the Communist Party from 1947.


He was author of the 1951 pamphlet “Youth! win your future : save peace – build socialism” for the YCL.


 He worked full time for the YCL as London district Secretary and then the Party but sought to return to industry in the late 50s or early 60s. The works committee at Glacier Metal Company approached their management to see if they would recruit Bridges, who’d been trained as a toolmaker but who having been employed for a while in the national industrial organising department of the Communist Party now couldn’t get a job.

  The managing director agreed, much to the consternation of other managers. But Bridges was taken on under the understanding that he would not seek election as a shop steward. After a number of years he was released from this burden.



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