Brown Lilian

Lilian Brown


Born in August 1916, Lilian was one of nine children of a cabinet maker, she was brought up in extreme poverty in London. Her father was a conscientious objector in the First World War and a founding member of the Communist Party. 


Together with her sister, she sold the Daily Worker outside Woolworth’s in Camden Town when she was young. Lilian had already joined the Communist Party when she was the founding activist associated with setting up Dartford Young Communist League during the Second World War.


She was an activist in CND from its earliest times in the 1950s.


In old age, she lived in Totnes, Devon.


From 2006 she stood in silent vigil for half an hour each Saturday morning in the centre of Totnes, accompanied by her husband Donald and a small group of fellow peace campaigners.


When her local post office was slated for closure in 2008, he lay down in the street and stopped traffic for nearly half an hour in protest!


She remained a Morning Star reader, having supported the Daily Worker from its inception right up to its 80th year and beyond.


Source: Morning Star August 24th 2009


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