Dewar Moya

Moya Dewar was a school headmistress from Basingstoke, Hampshire who joined the Communist Party in 1948 and was active certainly until the late 1960s.

Maya had four children and was involved in various Communist Party Women’s groups and was a big contributor to the regular women’s page in the Morning Star at that time.

Writing in the Party’s weekly journal, `Comment’, on 21st December 1968, Moya Dewar states that: “The women’s groups I have been involved with, have been formed by the women themselves, out of their own desire, and as a way out of a very practical problems that bestrew a women’s path to political life. Of course we need women in branch and district life, but they are not going  to spring to life there, fully politically aware and develops, any more than men are. `Leading comrades’ are a result of political activity and experience. While men are getting this, women are bearing and rearing children.  But if women organise in the same situation, and have political discussion and activity, so that these nappy days are not lost days.”

Michael Walker

Source: Comment 21 December 1968

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