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Alex Eaton

Alex Eaton and his brother Paddy joined the Bradford Young Communist League and attended the 15th Congress of the YCL in Londonin 1948: "our attendance at Congress was the first real contact we've had with the YCL", they were reported as saying.

Alex Eaton along with a friend, with a friend, Bill Leader helped to start a branch of the Workers Music Association (WMA) in Bradford. Bill claimed that he didn’t do much, the driving force being Alex who started a choir and also what Bill suspects was the first folk club in Britain– the Topic Folk Club in Bradford

Alex Eaton was a teacher, a natural teacher, and was always transmitting knowledge and enthusiasm and inspiring people to do things. He was a member of the Communist Party and was an organiser. He was politically committed and had a clear idea of the direction that he wanted to move in; more than that, he had the ability to figure out what he needed to do, and to do it. He was able to organise other people, which is probably why he was attracted to the CP.


Source: MW; The Living Tradition – Bill Leader – 50 years in the recording industry; Challenge April 1948

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