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Jim Bradley

J J W Bradley had been an SDF member but was more noted for being a founder member of Bethnal Green Labour Party, which remained closely linked to the Communist Party up until around 1930.

Bradley was Secretary of the National Left Wing Movement (NLWM) Advisory Council. The NLWM had been established in September 1926 by the young Communist Ralph Bond, who was NLWM Secretary from foundation until 1929.

The group involved key Communists who were active in the Labour Party, such as Joe Vaughan (Bethnal Green), Joseph Southall (Birmingham),Will Crick (Manchester & Salford), Dr Robert Dunstan (Birmingham), and C (possibly Con) J Moody (Richmond).

Non communists involved in NLWM included Alex Gossip, S O Davies, Will Lawther. The Movement’s programme included nationalisation of industry without compensation; the introduction of a legal £4 minimum wage; a capital levy on fortunes over £5,000; a Socialist programme for the abolition of the British Empire; educational reform, including the elimination of imperialist and militaristic teaching and self-government by pupils, parents and teachers’ councils.

Jim Bradley was also Secretary of the firemen’s trade union.

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