Krasner Ray (Rachel)

Ray (Rachel) Krasner (Westland-Krasner)

Rachel Krasner’s parents had come from Vilna in Lithuaniato Britainaround about 1902. Ray’s brother – the eldest of four sons and a daughter – was born there in 1901. (Krasner is possibly an Anglicisation of Krasny.) Ray, however, was born in Londonon the 17th March 1903.

Her family are aware of her “communistic opinions” at least in the period before the second world war but little more is known at the moment.

Ray was an accomplished musician and had several jazz bands, one named “Ray Krasner’s Melodious Ladies”.  In 1934, she married a Dutchman and her married name was Ray Westland-Krasner. The couple lived in Holland from 1934 until 1955.  Ray died in April 1977.  

Source: Henry Krasner;

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