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Jim Morton

Jim Morton was a Communist Party member from Taylorstown, Rhondda, in south Wales. He knew Harry Pollitt from his earliest visits to the Rhondda in the nineteen twenties. 

"He came to our house for tea….Harry had a smashing way with youngsters – he was always pulling my leg and kept it up even when I was a grown man.” On the occasion of Harry’s death in 1960, Morton stated: “To us in the Rhondda, Harry will never die. This great fighter will live in our memories for all time, because he was a special sort of man.”

Another Taylorstown Communist was Mrs Collingbourne who chaired numerous meetings for Pollitt in the Rhondda, including one with John Strachey.  She recalled in 1960: "Strachey and many others like him have gone their way … but not Harry.  He gave the working class movement everything, right up until the time he died."

Michael Walker
Source: Daily Worker
11 July 1960

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