Stringer Edith

Edith Stringer

Edith ioined the Young Communist League (YCL) when very young in the early 1930s. She and her brother and sister regularly went camping in an old bell tent at Hayfield, a picturesque village in the Derbyshire Peak District at the foot of Kinder Scout start of the Pennine Way. Her bother, Walter, and sister, Nelly, dragged the eleven-year old Edith on the two shilling ride by train to Hayfield from their home at Miles Platting in Manchester to Hayfield to join the now famous Kinder Scout Trespass held on Sunday, April 24th 1932.

The mass trespass was organised by the British Workers’ Sport Federation, with support from YCLers, such as those in the Sheffield Sparticist Rambling Club.  Hundreds of  left-wing ramblers from Manchester and Sheffield famously overwhelmed the "game keepers" and made their way to Kinder Scout top.

Edith Stranger had described how she remembered seeing signs nailed to trees on her arrival in Hayfield that stated that trespassers would be prosecuted, and how she “burst into tears believing that I would be thrown in jail. It was quite exciting at the time. But the only thing I remember was crying because I was frightened of being locked up. I think the protest made a big difference"

Later in life she lived at Chorlton-cum-Hardy

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