Lumley George

George Lumley

Lumley, a member of the Durham Miners Executive Committee, , as a delegate to the 1931 TUC congress: "His speech was almost alone as an expression of working class aims in the whole Congress." 

The Daily Worker of 16 October 1931 announced that "well attended meetings have endorsed his candidature" as a Communist candidate against Ramsay MacDonald in his Seaham constituency during the snap “National Government” election of 27th October 1931.

Lumley was a checkweighman at Ryhope Colliery and took 677 votes. The Labour candidate, W Coxon, was a schoolmaster came second with 23,027 votes and MacDonald held his seat as a “National Labour” candidate with 28,978, a much reduced majority.

Within a couple of year, George Lumley had died in hospital at the Kremlin, aged only 38 years, during a health trip to the Soviet Union.

Source: The Times October 6th 1933; MW




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