Nettleton Dick

Dick Nettleton


Born in 1922, he was involved in political activity from the age of 14, when he joined the Labour League of Youth at the age of 14. But, very shortly after, he moved to join the Communist Party as a result of support for the International Brigade in Spain.


He met his wife Alma during the Second World War when they were both involved in organising the apprenctices strike at Metropolitan Vickers in Manchester. There, he shared a platform with Huge Scanlon, also then a Communist.


Nettleton was the full time National Organiser of the YCL for much of the early 1950s.


He left the Communist Party and YCL over the 1956 intervention in Hungary and was replaced by Gerry Cohen (see separate entry). In the late 50s, he was close to Frank Allaun, MP, who spoke to Nettleton’s local Lancashire Labour Party in the subject of Aldermaston marches. During the 1960s, Dick became the key organiser of the demonstrations at Barrow-in-Furness and Birkenhead against Polaris.  


Nettleton became the General Secretary of CND in 1967 and remained in post until 1973.


He died on February 8th 1993, aged 71 years.


Sources: Miscellaneous and Morning Star 3rd March 1993






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