Mullerby Frank


Frank Mullerby

During the World War One Frank Mullerby served with the Guards in France and was wounded three times and gassed.

A resident of Plaistow ward in Bromley, Kent, from 1923, Mullerby joined the Communist Party in 1925.
As President of the local Building Trades Federation of building unions, and Secretary of Bromley Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers (AUBTW), he became a member of Bromley’s Housing & Consultative Committee.
He took a prominent role in the building of temporary "pre-fabs" and permanent homes in the borough during and after the war, as deputy chairman of the Progress Committee on War Damage Repairs.
In the early part of the war he was involved in the agitation for better air raid Precautions (ARP) and the building of deep shelters for the people of Bromley. He was elected unopposed as the Communist Councillor for Plaistow ward of Bromley Council in Kent on 1st November 1945, when the Labour candidate withdrew.
Michael Walker

Source: Daily Worker October 25th 1945

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