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Lenin on `left-wing’ Communism

Lenin’s “`Left-Wing’ Communism: an infantile disorder”  This was written by Lenin in 1920 and he himself called it “an attempt at a popular discussion on Marxist strategy and tactics”. Like so much of his writing, […]

Articles, reviews, speeches

Lenin on Imperialism

“Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism” by V I Lenin Writing this in 1916 in Switzerland, Lenin used a style in this work that would enable the Tsarist censor to permit it to be published in Russia. […]


Karl Marx’s `Capital’

KARL MARX’S `CAPITAL’ – WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT?   BY GRAHAM STEVENSON     “Capital – a critical analysis of capitalist production” by Karl Marx was the product of half a lifetime’s ongoing research on […]


Aisbitt Tom

Tom Aisbitt Thomas Aisbitt was a veteran of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Communist Party. He was a close friend of Dave Atkinson (see separate entry), a fellow Communist.Tom was a prominent member of the woodworkers union. In […]


Bedow Norman

Norman Bedow Born in 1906, Bedow was a Unity Theatre activist from Paul Robeson’s appearance at Mornington Crescent in `Plant in the Sun’. An activist in the Co-op movement, he was also involved in the […]


Aitken George

George Aitken George Sutherland Aitken, an engineering worker by trade, attended the Lenin School Moscow in 1927 and a member of the Central Committee from 1931.  With the onset of fascism, and an increasing danger […]

Communist history

The Communist Party in the 1980s

THE BRITISH COMMUNIST PARTY IN THE 1980s: REVISIONISM, RESISTANCE AND RE-ESTABLISHMENT   The background to the falling apart of the CPGB was deeply rooted in controversies about which direction the Party should go; should it […]


Bellamy Ron

Ron Bellamy Born in Sheffield in 1917, Ron Bellamy won scholarships to Bradford Grammar School and then to Queens College, Oxford, where he read Classical Greats from October 1936, although he switched to Politics, Philosophy […]