Currie Olive

Olive Currie

Olive Currie was an active member of the Dagenham YCL and Communist Party in Essex from around 1943. 
Her family had moved to Dagenham with her as a baby in 1924. Olive became politically active at the age of fourteen and was a prime mover in building the Young Communist League (YCL) in Dagenham. Olive became well know for her exchanges in the press with Labour councillor O’Dwyer.
On May 12th 1949, when Olive was aged 26, she stood for election for North East Ward of the local council along with Dick Clements, who was active in the local Tenants Action Committee.
Their election leaflets urged voters to “vote for the two Communist candidates in order that the voice of the working class can be heard in the council chamber. Dagenham has over 5,000 people on the council house waiting list and children over five cannot secure school places because of the lack of school buildings”. 
Olive Currie had two children.Michael Walker

Source: Dagenham Communist Party Election Special May 1949

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