Bolsover Kate

Kate Bolsover

A founder member of the Communist Party, she came to socialism as a young girl in her native Scotland. She went to the USA, where she became a YCL organiser in New York, leading the Danbury women hatters in strike action and being engaged in building the unemployed workers protest movement.  
She went to Hungary, at the request of the Communist Party, where she worked to assist the underground movement opposing the Horthy fascist dictatorship. Smuggling food to jailed political prisoners and holding illegal meetings in her flat were just some of the known dangerous things she took part in. Returning to Britain immediately before the war, she arrived with her two children on a goods train.
At the height of the blitz, she worked in a factory where she became the shop steward and organised a crèche in Hampstead which was bombed. He husband was Philip Bolsover. She died aged 87 in 1988.
Source: Morning Star 16th January 1988

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