Solomans Dave

Dave Solomons

Dave Solomons was a tele­communications electrical engineering inspector and had joined the Electricians Trade Union around 1942.
After acting as secretary of the union’s Radio No. 4 branch from 1946 to 1948, he transferred to the Chingford branch to serve as chairman for several years and as secretary from 1956 until banned from holding office by the introduction of the anti-communist rules from 1965. The convener of stewards at Cossors Research Factory in London, he had been victimised by the employer in 1946.
Later he was chosen leading ETU steward at the Parliament Street establishment of the Ministry of Works. Solomons had been a delegate to various rules and policy confer­ences and at the last policy con­ference before debarment was elected to serve on the union’s National Appeals Committee.
He was also chairman of the Chingford Trades Council, an executive member of the Essex Federation of Trades Councils, organising secretary of the May Day committee of the Essex Federation and vice-chairman of the Chingford and WalthamForest Youth Employment Com­mittee.
Source: Daily Worker 28th August 1964

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