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Alan Watts

Watts was the former North West District and Merseyside Communist Party Chair, tragically killed at a very young age in 1975. A memorial day was organised in recognition of his life, which included a football match inn in Skelmersdale between Merseyside Young Communist League football club known as Mersey Dynamo and Manchester Young Communist League Football Club, who played for the for the "Alan Watts Memorial Cup" in 1975.

Mersey Dynamo was under the secretaryship of John Volleamere (ex-Merseyside YCL Secretary). Watts had been an activist in the YCL and came from a Communist family.

Another Communist football team active in on Merseyside was the  Merseyside Chilean Communist Party X1 under the secretaryship of Alberto Toledo, Secretary of Merseyside Chile Communist Party.

The idea of a Merseyside YCL Football team "Mersey Dynamo" was first agreed at the Merseyside YCL conference in April 1972, but for six months before this the YCL had been running an unofficial team. This was part of a deliberate "political approach" to social activities and was endorsed at the 1973 and 1975 YCL congress.

Michael Walker
Source: Challenge November 1975


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