Young Harry

Harry Young

Harry Young was the son of an active member of the Islington BSP and a member of that Party when it merged with others to form the British Communist Party. He was certainly the first National Organiser of the British Young Communist League and the author of one of its first pamphlets, “No More War” in 1922. He was its representative in Moscow from 1922 to 1929 as a member of the Young Communist International Secretariat. 
A member of North London Herald League, a major united front force named after the Labour paper, he became editor of "Communist International” from 1932 to 1935. He was also a manager of Collets before he left the Communist Party and joined the Socialist Party of Great Britain in 1940.  He was a SPGB candidate in the 1950 General Election and became a science teacher. A regular writer for the Socialist Standard, under the pen name of Horatio, he was expelled from the SPGB in 1991 when he joined the splinter group, `Socialist Studies', and died in 1996.

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