Huxstable John

John Huxstable

Having joined the Electricians Trade Union “when a boy”, Huxstable had held many offices in the union
before the anti-communist bans took effect. He was closely concerned with the dispute with the
electricity authorities in the early 1960s, was treasurer of his branch and a member of his area committee.
Well-known for his deep interest in helping people with their problems, he served on the workers’ panel  
of his local Ministry of National In­surance (MNI) Appeals Tribunal; he was a also member of the local
MNI ad­visory committee and the local employment committee.
He was a trades council secretary from 1947 to 1960.
Huxstable was senior steward at the London Co-op from 1956 and had been in the ETU for over 30
years when he was one of the Communist barred from holding office in 1965.
Source: Daily Worker 28th August 1964

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