Gibb Alfred

Alfred Gibb

Prior to the Second World War and during it, my father, Alfred Gibb was a Communist Party member and a member of the AEU. He worked in London in various factories. At the time we were living in Kilburn, he worked at Handley-Page at Cricklewood.
Subsequently, and still during the war, he followed my mother, my sister and I to Scotland. About 1942 he went to Blackburn Aircraft in Dumbarton where he became works convener.
After the war he was in the Royal Naval Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. He was a shop steward for most of the time and was a delegate to the STUC.
He left the Communist Party and joined the Labour Party, not for any ideological reason other than that he would been sacked if his membership of the Party had become known.
But, upon his retirement he re-joined the Communist Party and stayed a member until the 1992 dissolution of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Although he joined the short-lived Democratic Left, he was very unhappy about it.
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