Brearey Peter

Peter Brearey

Born in Dewsbury, on December 23rd 1939, Peter Brearey was for a long time a freelance journalist, contributing towards many northern and other newspapers and journals. Latterly, he was the editor of the Osett Observer and news editor at the Wakefield Express.

A member of the YCL in his youth and later the Communist Party and was briefly a full timer for the Party in London. In his later years, he gravitated towards the SPGB and anarcho-communism

In 1993, he was appointed editor of the `Freethinker’ and a director of the National Secular Society. He died aged 58, on May 7th 1998; a copy of the 1848 `Manifesto of the Communist Party’ was placed in his coffin, which was wrapped in a red flag.

Source: Guardian 26th May 1998

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