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Peter Thiele

Unusually for the time, Peter Thiele left Norfolk Labour Party to join the Communist Party in 1956. He was a regular contributor to Country Standard, the Party’s rural journal.

By 1961, he had moved to Kingston, where he was known as a prominent member of the local Communist Party branch. He was elected a member of the Appeals Committee at the 1971 Party congress.

It has been alleged by sources direct to this site that Peter Thiele was a police informer.  It is impossible now to verify or contradict this but the information regarding this comes from a former member of the Kingston Branch of the Communist Party and may be summarised thus: 

Several circumstantial facts arise; Thiele had strong connections in Czechoslovakia, which was the main armaments manufacturing member of the Warsaw Pact; in this period, Surrey, and especially Kingston, was  home to many defence establishments with Party branches organised in them. The security forces are known to have shown especial interest in Surrey Communists in this period.

But more substantially, though now impossible to prove, is the report that a member of the Kingston branch, who cleaned Thiele’s house after his wife had died, found compromising material that unarguably pointed in the direction of the alleged link – presumably with the Special Branch. 

It is believed that Thiele left the Communist Party after the disclosure was made internally.

He is now dead.




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