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Joe Sack

Joseph Sack was born in 1921, the youngest of six children of a Ukrainian Jewish couple who had come to England in 1901. The family home was close to White Hart Lane and Joe became a devoted fan of Tottenham Hotspur, though rheumatic fever during his early years limited his physical activity.
Joe became an inspector in the engineering industry and was active in the AEU. He joined the Communist Party during the Second World War and remained an enthusiastic Communist all his life. In 1953 he moved with the Edwards factory to Crawley new town in Sussex, and for the next ten years was a leading member of the very influential party branch. For several years he was election agent for the Party’s candidates for the local council, and was a member of the Sussex District Committee. For a time he was chairman of one of the Crawley AEU branches.
In 1963 Joe and his wife Eileen, also a Party member, moved to Purley with their children Naomi and Nicholas. Joe trained as a legal executive and worked for a private solicitor and then for the London Borough of Greenwich, where the family moved in 1965. Joe was largely self-educated, widely read, and a keen film goer; he died in 1987.
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