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Denver Walker

Morning Star columnist, Denver Walker, died at the relatively young age of 52 in 2002. He was born in Northern Ireland, but his family moved to Bristol, where he spent a large part of his life, after his father was stationed there by the RAF. A lifelong Communist, Walker started his political activism in the Young Communist League and later the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Active in a host of campaigns, he took part in the mass action against the US war of aggression in Vietnam and was also active in the Chile Solidarity Campaign after the bloody 1973 coup against the elected government of Salvador Allende. In 1977, he left the CPGB to join the New Communist Party. Walker served both on the NCP central committee and as features editor of the party’s newspaper The New Worker.

In 1985, he wrote a semi-humorous investigation into the British ultra-left, `Quite Right Mr Trotsky’, exposing the contradictory positions of the multitude of sectarian organisations. In the early 1990s, Mr Walker joined the Communist Party of Britain, of which he remained a member until his death. He became a contributor to the Morning Star, through his witty column, The World According to Walker, which first appeared in. the paper in 2000.

Source: Morning Star 22nd February 2002

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