Vowles Chris

Chris Vowles

Vowles joined the Communist Party in 1936, after a visit to the Soviet Union, and remained a member of the CPGB until dissolution. Having completed articles in Gloucester before the war, he qualified as a solicitor in 1940. But he was taken on as a mechanical engineer by Dowty-Rotol Gloucester during the Second World War to work on aircraft production, often on around the clock shifts. Whilst there, he became the works union convenor.

After the war, he moved to London and joined the Daily Worker as a sub-editor, also running legal advice for readers and checking copy for libel. He met his wife, Joy, whilst working at the paper, who was also a staff member. Going into private legal work in 1947, as part of the Garber Vowles practice, he offered legal advice to working class and socialist minded clients, also specialising in work connected with socialist countries. His firm merged with Jack Gaster’s in 1972.

Source: Morning Star 28th September 1993

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