Seaman Bill

Bill Seaman

Born in 1917, bus conductor Bill Seaman was a Communist parliamentary candidate for Harrow East in 1950. He was an active TGWU member and had a long record of activity in the working-class movement. Before the war, he was a member of the Electrical Trades Union and of its North-West London Area Committee. He was also a delegate to the Harrow Trades Council and a member of its Executive Committee.

In common with many, in the years before the war, he knew what it was to be unemployed and played a significant role in the unemployed struggles of those days. He became a member of the Young Communist League in 1937 and a member of the Communist Party in 1938.

During the war, Bill Seaman saw service in the Royal Artillery, taking part in the campaigns in North Africa and Italy, and held the rank of sergeant.

Source: Challenge January 28th 1950

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