Smith Albert

Albert Smith

A Sheffield Young Communist League organiser, Smith travelled from Sheffield to Mansfield in May 1926, specifically to agitate on behalf of the Nottinghamshire miners during the General Strike.
He was arrested while leading a delegation of strikers to Mansfield workhouse. His offence was a speech he had made two days earlier on the 10th May 1926 to 800 strikers at Sutton market. During the lockout he was again prosecuted and was imprisoned on both occasions.
He was, at least to one seventeen year old woman, who recalled him in later years, an impressive speaker. However, he appears to have been got at in prison, since by July 1927 he was to be found speaking, in Mansfield, on behalf of the Economic League for whom he also wrote a leaflet (1927), “Communism a Washout: Why I Left the Young Communist League”!
Source: Barry Johnson “Nine Days That Shook Mansfield: the General Strike in the Mansfield Area. 

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