Gray Robbie

Robbie Gray

Gray was born on November 5th 1945 in Glasgow to an academic family. He went to Cambridge University and then completed a doctorate at Edinburgh.
He joined the Communist Party in 1970 (“and never left it”) and what is now Portsmouth University in the same year. By 1986, he was appointed a Reader then a Professor, in 1997. A member of the Editorial Board of “Social History”.
Gray published a number of works; “Labour Aristocracy in Victorian Edinburgh” (1976), “The Aristocracy of Labour in 19th Century Britain 1850-1914” (1981) and “The Factory Question and Industrial England 1830-1860” (1996). He died on March 19th 2001, aged 55 years leaving an unfinished work on Victorian autobiography.
Source: Guardian April 26th 2001

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