Keith Molly

Molly Keith

Molly Keith worked in the printing trade in the 1930s and married a printer. During the Second World War, she was a `clippie� (conductress) on the buses in London. For two years she worked at the Women�s International Democratic Federation.

She was the Communist Party’s National Women’s Organiser from 1957, much renewing the Party’s involvement of and image amongst women of the period by encouraging women only events.

Molly Keith was the author of the Communist Party pamphlet �Woman today: her job, family and future’, published in 1960, and was responsible for the `Meet the Communists’ election publication featuring Communist women as mothers.

Sources: Darton and Staincross Communist Party cyclostyled brochure. ‘Women want the answer’ (1958); also Communist Party leaflets and broadsheets 1957- 62

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