Lansbury Minnie (nee Glassman)

 Minnie Lansbury (nee Glassman)

Minnie Glassman was born of Jewish parents in Whitechapel, Stepney in 1889 She became a school teacher and married Edgar Lansbury (George Lansbury's son) in 1914. In 1915 she became a committee member of Sylvia Pankhurst’s East London Federation of Suffragettes. She became its assistant secretary and was re-elected to assistant secretary when it became the Workers Socialist Federation in May 1918. During the First World War she took on the responsibility of looking after 500 war orphans.


Minnie Lansbury was a founder member of the Communist Party and a Poplar Labour/Communist Alderman from 1919-1922 and was one of the 30 Poplar Councillors who went to Holloway jail in  September 1921 in the celebrated . She died in 1922.


Source: Noreen Branson `Poplarism 1919-1925’

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