Kessel Lipmann (`Lippy)

Lipmann (`Lippy) Kessel

A member of the Communist Party from the 1938, he remained a member until his death. Kessel joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a surgeon during the Second World War and served in the western Sahara. In 1944, he was parachuted into Arnhem to work on the wounded at the frontline hospital. Amongst the many he saved was Brigadier in command if the 4th Parachute Regiment. He developed a special technique for saving wounded soldiers on the battlefield. This was a development of an approach originated by the Red Army. Kessel was taken prisoner at Arnhem, later escaping and surprising his comrades at his Party branch meeting in Acton when he suddenly turned up!

In the post-war period, be became an eminent surgeon, known in these circles as Professor Kessel MC, FRCS and Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedics at the University of London, he was more familiarly known to his comrades and friends as `Lippy�. He served as Chair of the Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR for over a decade. Kessel died aged 72 in 1986 and, according to his wish, was buried at Arnhem�s Osterbeek cemetery.

Morning Star 12th June 1986

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