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Jimmy Ord


Born in 1902, Jimmy Ord was a founder member of the Communist Party at the young age of 18, when he also began a lifetime of active trades unionism.


He was a leading light of the Kirkcaldy Communist Party in Fife, along with Johnny MacGregor and Angie Noble.


Jimmy’s wife was Susie Ord.


It is likely that Ord was victimised following the General Strike: "Jimmy Ord had been a miner and had been victimised", according to James Allison branch organiser.


Ord was local organiser for the Spanish Aid Committee in the 1930s.


The party branch in Kirkcaldy in the 1930s had about 50 members and about 20 regular attenders at branch meetings.


For 25 years, Ord was a member of the board of management of Kirkcaldy & District co-operative society and its President for four years.


He was cremated at Kirkaldy crematorium on the 28th March 1961.

Source: Voices from Hunger Marchers and other, miscellaneous items.


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