Hyde Harry

Harry Hyde

Born George Harold Hyde, he started work at Woolley colliery at 15 years of age and retired at 65 years, widely respected by his work colleagues. A life-long Communist, he joined the Party during the 1940s. Harry was a pit deputy for much of his working life, a highly responsible role and a sort of production safety official. In this capacity, he was for many years an elected local official of the deputies’ union, NACODS.

A highly accomplished individual, he was well-known for his love of fine literature, especially Shakespeare, and was a musician, poet and skilled fine arts craftsman of many skills, including that of stone carver.

Harry was a keen Co-operator, with his wife Enid (they were married in 1949 and had five children together), and served on the board of the Barnsley Society for nine years.

A keen supporter of the Morning Star in the 1980s, Harry Hyde died aged 76 in 1989.

Left: an original poem by Harry Hyde

Sources: Morning Star January 5th 1989; Funeral oration by Frank Watters – 12th January 1989; GS personal knowledge

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