MacCullough G(eorge)

G. MacCullough

A railwayman from Lillie Bridge, West Brompton who, during World War Two, as a shop steward, organised 100% trade unionism in his depot and a higher output of tanks.

MacCullough was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his heroism in the blitz on London, when he rescued people trapped at Sloane Square underground station after it was totally destroyed by German bombers at 10pm on the 12th November 1940. A large concrete fragment landed on roof of a carriage of a departing train, injuring 79 people. MacCullough cut through girders with an oxy-acetylene torch at great personal risk to secure the rescue.

He had joined the Communist Party during the war and he was used as
an example of the exemplary workers joining the Party in its publicity.

Michael Walker
Source: `We Are Many� by Ted Bramley

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