Greening Edwin

Edwin Greening

Edwin Greening was born on 2nd August 1910 in Aberdare.

Greening began work in the mines of Aberdare at the age of 14.  Later, he joined first the ILP Guild of Youth and then the Communist Party. 

Following the 1926 general strike, Greening sought education as a route forwards out of the mines.

But he became a volunteer in the International Brigade in the Spanish civil war; his home address being recorded as 20 Cardiff Road, Aberdare.  

From when he arrived in Albaceteon 27th Feb 1937, Greening participated in very fierce fighting for much of the time he was in Spain

He was in the No1 Company of the British Battalion from March 1938 and joined the Spanish Communist Party whilst in Spain.

Repatriated from Spain in December 1938, Greening later spent the rest of his working life as a local teacher and died in 2003.

Source: Morning Star 8th January 2007 review by Pauline Fraser of Norman Greening’s, “From Aberdare to Abacete”

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