Loeser Diana

Diana Loeser

Born Diana Farr, in Birmingham, she became involved in left-wing politics as a student at the Coventry College of Education. A �life-loving, madcap sort of girl�, she threw herself into the struggle for peace and went as a delegate from the YCL to the World Youth Festival in Berlin in 1951. In due course, she married Franz Loeser, one of three Jewish brothers who had fled Nazi Germany to Britain as unaccompanied young refugees.

The Loesers and their young son, Toni, moved to live in East Berlin. Diana became a key figure in educational exchange visits and courses with British teachers and students and the German Democratic Republic. Turning to the writing of school and university textbooks, radio and TV scripts, she eventually became a popular personality in the GDR as the presenter of the TV language programme, `English For You�. She died in Berlin on August 1st 1996.

Morning Star August 6th 1996

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