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Defence or Defiance introduction - People's history of Derbyshire Part IV

Defence or Defiance - a Peoples' History of Derbyshire:

Outline of Part IV

Chapter 13     The Modern Era (1945 – 1970)
            (1)        The political and economic situation (1945 - 1979)
                         - with special reference to the County of Derbyshire               
(2)        The Labour Government’s economic policy (1945 - 1950)                    
            (3)        The cold war and the labour movement in Derbyshire                                  
            (4)        Political developments in the 1950s                                                         
            (5)        The independent left in Derby                                                      
(6)        Racism and immigration - a potent scapegoat,
as boom turns to slump                                                                  
            (7)        A new style of industrial relations emerges                                            
            (8)        Political trends in the 1960s                                                                       
            (9)        Trades unionism in Derbyshire in the post-war era
- specific industries                        
                      (i)           trade union attitudes to work study and productivity
                                    - a case study                                                                                            
                      (ii)          the TGWU in the post-war era                                                                  
                      (iii)        British Railways                                                                                           
                      (iv)        the National Coal Board                                                                            
                      (v)         the engineering industry                                                    
                      (vi)       the hosiery trade                                                                                        
                      (vii)       postal workers                                                                                 
(viii)       the building trade                                                                
(ix)          the GMWU                                                                           
                      (x)          agricultural workers                                                                         
                      (xi)         Public Services                                                                               
                      (xii)        `White-collar’ trades unionism                                           
                      (xiii)       USDAW                                                                                              
             (10)     By way of an epilogue                                                                                             
             (11)     References                                                                      
This section also contains the Appendices, which include
  • a historical list of officers of the Derby Trades Council
  • a historical list of UKSC and NUVB branch officers
  • a historical list of Derby Builders’ Labourers’ branch officers
  • a dictionary of Derbyshire labour movement biographies
  • a description and dating of historic labour laws
  • a list of initials used in the text
  • a list of source and dates of photographs of Derbyshire labour movement personalities and events featured in the local press
  • a note on inflation and prices
  • a list of the works of Derby-based Marxist William Paul
  • a bibliography of the sources used follows at the very end