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The single largest information resource is `A Compendium of Communist Biographies' (see tab on left), an `encylopaedia' of hundreds of thousands of words on many thousands (mainly but not all deceased) of Communist Party members and former members. New information and corrections on individuals from readers is always welcome.  These biographies have been written and researched by Graham Stevenson but a few have been supplied by individuals, named in the entry concerned.



See tab on right at top: a collection of life stories;

  •  `Being Frank' by Frank Watters (In two parts; 2004 revised edition)  
  •  `The Life and Times of Sid Easton (1991):
  •  `No wonder we were all rebels- an oral history” Jock & Betty Kane (1992)



  • The fight to reclaim the Labour Party (2004)
  • Speeches and articles
  • Guest spot



Miscellany - a collection of Graham Stevenson's books, speeches and articles including:

  • The 330,000 word study, `Defence or Defiance - a people's history of Derbyshire' (see tab on right middle) - first written by Graham Stevenson in 1982.  This is a history of trade unions and other working class organisations in the county from the 17th century to the early 1970s. The first quarter of this is now available as a printed book from Manifesto Press - click link:      https://goo.gl/jq7QMG 


  • `Anatomy of decline - the Young Communist League (1966-1980)' (1982)  https://goo.gl/eiCqrQ

  • `In Defence of History’ (2004)

  • `An illustrated guide to trade union history' (1980, revised in 2001)  

  • `The British Security Forces and the Communist Party’ (2002) 

  • `The Communist Party In The 1980s: Revisionism, Resistance And Re-Establishment’ (2004) 

  • `Spartacus and class struggle in ancient Rome’ (1986)

  • `Historical notes on democratic centralism’, 

  • `Dunne and Sullivan- Irish republican martyrs’ (2002)

  • `Birmingham Communists in action in the 1930s’: the Lucas Girls

  • `articles on Communist history

  • `The miners' strike 20 years on and the Communist Party (2004)

  • The ETU and the Communist Party


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