Brutton Kaye

Kaye Brutton

Kaye Brutton was a Communist councilor elected in odd circumstances.

He had been a popular and elected Labour councilor. Having left the Labour Party for the Communist Party but in such a way that Labour was prevented from finding a replacement official candidate in time, he then won a stunning victory in the November 1945 municipal elections in Wolverhampton.

In a clear display of support for Labour-Communist unity, electors helped Kaye Brutton knock out the Conservative mayor as the sitting councillor in a straight fight. Kaye Bruton polled 673 to the Tory's 595. Even though it is surmised that Brutton had joined the Communist Party, or at least revealed it, at the last minute, nonetheless, most Labour voters seemed to have no difficulty in voting for a Communist when presented with a unity choice over a Tory. 

Not only that, but Brutton was joined on the council by another more normally elected Communist councillor by the name of Lewis.

Source: Daily Worker November 3rd 1945