Defence or Defiance: Part II

Outline of Part II

Defence or Defiance - a Peoples' History of Derbyshire: Part II


Chapter 7 deals with the period 1890 to 1914, social conditions and the growth of militancy, votes for women and the emergence of Labour as a political force. There are 14 studies of trades unionism in particular industries.
Chapter 8 covers the 1914-18 war, its impact on the Labour and trade union movement and the stirrings of revolutionary politics in Derbyshire.
Details of the sections in these chapters follows: 
Chapter 7       "The workers' movement takes its own course"
           (1)         (i) Out with the old - in with the new?                                                                             
                                 (a) Social conditions (1890 – 1914)                                          
                                 (b) The growth of industrial militancy (1911 – 1914)                
           (2)         (i)   "Our Man in Parliament" - labour politics (1885 - 1914)                        
                        (ii)   Working class politics in Derbyshire                                                                         
                        (iii) Votes for Women - Now!                                                                        
(iv) The emergence of Labour and its impact 
       on Derbyshire (1906 –1914)                                                                   
(v)   The Co-operative movement                                                                  
(vi) The demise of Lib-Labism                                                          
           (3)         Trades unionism in particular industries                                                        
               (i)      Railways                                                                                            
               (ii)     The building industry                                                                                     
               (iii)    Mining                                                                                                 
               (iv)    Textiles                                                                                               
               (v)     Engineering                                                                                        
               (vi)    Printing and associated trades                                                                     
               (vii)   The Gas and General Labourers' Union                                                        
               (viii)   The Workers' Union                                                                           
               (ix)    Distributive workers                                                                                      
               (x)     Corporation employees                                                                                
               (xi)    Stove and grate workers                                                                               
               (xii)   Coach building                                                                                              
               (xiii)   Agriculture                                                                                          
               (xiv) Baking                                                                                                            
               (xv)   Pottery workers                                                                                              
               (xvi) Professional workers                                                                         
            (4)       References                                                                                         
Chapter 8        Class war or imperialist war? The Derbyshire labour
                        movement and the politics of 1914 –18                                        
            (1)        The unions at the outset of the war                                                   
            (2)        The consequences of war                                                                 
            (3)        The Alice Wheeldon affair                                                                  
            (4)        The trade unions in the latter part of the war                                                
            (5)        The 1918 TUC in Derby                                                                     
            (6)        References